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Business coaching is a highly popular people development tool

Business coaching and workplace mentoring has become increasingly widespread amongst organisations in recent years as a method of improving individual and team performance. Unlike training courses which typically involve a course tutor teaching groups of people new information or refreshing their existing knowledge, a business coach usually works on a one-to-one basis to help an individual through issues they are having at work. Business coaching therefore provides a much more personalised approach to workplace problem solving and tackling issues, which frequently delivers quicker and more positive results than training alone. This is one of the primary reasons as to why business coaching is becoming increasingly popular amongst managers and individuals alike.

Business Coaching for Managers

Not only are companies keen for their individual employees to attend business coaching sessions, there is also an increasing trend for managers to acquire coaching and mentoring qualifications so that they can provide business coaching to members of their own team. This can save a lot of time and money in the long run as opposed to sending each one away to visit an external business coach.

The ILM Level 5 Coaching Qualification

One of the most suitable business coaching qualifications in this regard is the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. This comprehensive course will provide those attending with a wealth of information and practical skills for providing coaching to members of their team. By positively influencing the productivity and commitment of their teams, a manager will be able to raise the performance of their department, thereby benefiting the company as a whole.

The increased performance and productivity brought about by business coaching, and the subsequent financial benefits, means that expenditure on business coaching can provide a tremendous return on investment even within a short period of time, as the extra money generated more than offsets the costs of the coaching.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching takes business coaching to the boardroom, assisting senior managers, directors and executives with the issues experienced by those at the top of the corporate hierarchy.

Executives responsible for decisions which can greatly influence the success (or failure) of the entire company, and of course the fate of everyone connected with it, face enormous pressures and often have to burden the weight of those decisions alone. Combine this with significant time pressures, and the effects on an individual can be devastating; both on their decision making and on their personal health.

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At the Business Learning Foundation, not only do we provide training courses for managers such as our incredibly popular First Line Manager course, but our expert team of business coaches run ILM accredited courses and qualifications such as the Level 5 and Level 7 Certificate and Diploma-level business coaching qualifications. We also run one-to-one business and executive coaching sessions for individuals, either at our own premises or at your company if that would be more convenient.

For more information about business coaching please call us on 0844 800 3295 to discuss your requirements.

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