Paradigm Practitioner FREE Course

Paradigm's suites of products have been specifically designed with application, adoption and clarity of what you are reading in mind. This has resulted through thorough testing, reports that are easy to interpret and understand. Jargon free in text and graphical displays enable you to get everything you want from your personal and confidential report.

As a Paradigm Practitioner you will gain the benefit of acquiring expert knowledge on how to generate, interpret and offer feedback on our suite of products.

The FREE Paradigm practitioner course runs as a customised in-house course.

Aims and Objectives

  • To gain background knowledge of Paradigm Assessments and in particular the FiT IN behavioural report

  • To understand, in depth, the FiT IN, MQ, EQ-SWOT™, 360 Leadership and Professinoal Feedback reports and their value in the work environment

  • To understand the value of the Paradigm suite of products in coaching, training and developing people

  • To be able to assess the behavioural demands within a given job and understand the job comparison to the FiT IN report requirement

  • To develop confidence and competence in giving feedback and following best practice

  • To enhance personal development and self-awareness

  • Full Day Programme Outline


  • Introduction:
  • - i) Understanding the assessment and theories
    - ii) Background
    - iii) Type of assessment
    - iv) Construction of the report
    - v) Introduction to all other assessments in the Paradigm suite (360 feedback, EQ and MQ)

  • Report reading exercise
  • Observable behaviour relating to the FiT In report findings
  • Feedback and points to remember checklist
  • Giving feedback exercise
  • Job comparison analysis
  • Strengths and limitations vs. high and low scores comparison
  • Feedback exercise practise
  • Modifying to manage exercise
  • Feedback evaluation
  • Paradigm Practitioner system uses
  • Coaching template exercise
  • Exploring the values of the Paradigm suite to your organisation
  • Theory retention test

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